Thursday 23 April 2015

WOW!! Easterlies and sunshine.

After what seems like an utter age of Westerly winds and rain, the migration seemed to have stalled here in Shropshire as we watched the reports from the east coast. Goodness me what a change, the winds swung to the east and the sun appeared for a good number of day and is, as I type this still nice warm and sunny out in the wild.
So and what did this change in the weather bring to us , well here you go...

Sadly not in Shropshire.
Yes I know not migrants but hey shoot me...

A some what emotive subject, scientific research versus emotional query???
as you can see here we have a Dipper with both Silver add Gold awards for it's endeavours in existing in the British isles. Awards??? more like leg irons perhaps! so got a view or comment lets have it in the comments or mail lets see where it goes..

So a bit shorter than normal? no pontifimacations either..


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