Monday 14 December 2009

A return for some different shots

With the continueing presence of the BNG it is an opportunity not to miss. And wanting a few differents shots I was back on the thursday for what is below, and the sun shone.

It was not the only bird there!

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Up pops a Weas???? Black necked grebe!!!

It was not the sort of morning that promised much in the area, another brief check on the Firecrest, still there by the way. Bloomin elusive still until it was five above my head and no short lens on,,, Bugger.
until the prioslee report came through on the phone, a what? second read saw me scooting up to the lake. this is what I saw..
A very confiding Black necked Grebe.

The Little Grebe was also there

Oh the nuthatch was whilst waiting for the Firecrest!! So tomorrow could see me back at the lake for another go at the Black-necked Grebe drop by just in case?