Wednesday 15 October 2008

My your a big boy!!

The call of the Wild.

The sunshine eventually made its way over the hills to the east and the mist that was blanketing the valley took on that erie orange glow, from within the mist I could hear the rattle of antlers as the large males tested the levels of testosterone in each other as they vied for the hinds.
Unfortunately the action was over before the mist cleared. And this big boy came out of the melee and just kept coming, and coming and I was back peddling at a rapid rate as he came up to the car before veering of and nonchalantly wondered in to the woods.
The one thing you do not argue with is a fourteen pointer high on male hormones!
This chap, the "Black Deer of the family" was barking at anything getting a bit close to his stand under the oak tree, and I was a bit close.
Now this Buck was far more interested in chasing a couple of hinds in and out of the bracken, He looked well good with his war bonnet on.
The decorating of antlers is some believe an out and out attempt to make their antlers look larger, or more probable is the fact that after giving the foliage a good thrashing as part of their territories.
Whilst the big boys battled it out the youngsters, being left out of the Rut, made sure they got some practice by copying Dad!
The Rut is continuing and on Saturday Attingham park have some organised walks to get a bit closer to the herd of Fallow there. Starting at 17:00, best time to see some action perhaps even in the rain.

Thursday 2 October 2008

Boy what a rack!!!

I had been under the trees for some considerable time watching the little calf, as it rested in the protection of the small pile of fallen branches, can you see it? at the same time, listening to the roaring of the Stags around in the forest. At early o'clock I had crept into position in the hope of a "see your breath " day, when they started, it was Erie! the only sounds were the occasional great tit and the wind in the trees when they suddenly started roaring. Count from heard only was 5 count from seen was 1. And he just appeared from as if out of now where.
The calf stayed very still, not even an ear flickered as the stag approached. And then, as if on key, he did it,
It was loud, it was the epitome of challenge, it was brilliant. Why the wish for the cold morning? The breath would have shown really well turning a picture into a photograph of pleasure.
So pleased as I was this morning, I was not prepared for what awaited my return home. So having entered the kitchen, to create a real mess with muddy boots and dirty all the worktops!!! So I am told. I spied this little beauty nonchalantly sitting on the fence in the garden, it would have been rude not to have taken a few shots!!

Not surprising then that the feeders were a bit quite!

So a pleasing day all in all, and with the morrow promising to be slightly colder!!! I might have another stalk around the trees, let you know.

Thanks for looking

PS, not seeing many people as been so busy with articles and Dutch and Hindi courses. Catch you around.