Tuesday 10 January 2012

The chance of a Goshawk or two was the drive to revisit Shirlet on last Sunday. It was a chance that did not materialise, A couple of Sparrowhawks bolstered the spirits a bit, but the arrival of a trio of Goldcrests made me feel much better, only to succumb to the dreaded lurgy later in the day.

As beautiful as any big bird

For some reason they always look a bit sad.

Definite disappointment here.

"Ello food!"

From the last outing a pretty pose.

The gales persisted

Alas no Petrels.
With a distinct lack of time to get out and about at the moment is, driving me cabin crazy,  but watch this space.. there are one or two projects on the cards which should prove interesting oh! and a lens repair should help :-)

P.S click on imaage for a sequenced view of larger pictures.