Sunday 3 May 2015

A cracking first for the county for a long time.

Not since circa 2006 has a Black-necked Grebe been seen at the Venus Pool reserve near Shrewsbury
until Saturday the 2nd of May, when a pair of these Grebes appeared in full breeding plumage.
A fantastic sight to see these birds, even though they kept their distance from the gathered observers.

So here is the best I could get at great distance,

Black-necked Grebe.

 An early return in the morning proved fruitless with no sightings at all reported during the day,
so they must have continued their northern migration.
C'est la Vie

Friday 1 May 2015

An info blog re redirection..

Some information for the readers of my Blog, assuming there is more than just me LOL! So as of today 01 May 2015,  it will move to my new Website

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