Friday 18 February 2011

In a sort of, reflective mood.

Cold Bright winter days really can produce some incredible light, which just begs to be used.

Flaps down on approach.

The defrost always gives a good reflective surface.
But confuses many, like this coot.

And can provide a good runway.
The Shoveler were on the move.
This Reed Bunting was not impressed.
Over and under,.

This Wigeon got it right.
Like a Dutch canal race.

The light did not last long and it soon got well overcast and the kit was away until the next opportunity, the rain don't matter so long as it is bright in fact bright and overcast is good as it lessens the chance of blowing the whites..

bye for now,


Monday 7 February 2011

Add Endum, what ever an Endum is!

On making a sort of, final trip around the known  and available berries I ended up at Granville House in the Donnington area of Telford. And I was amazed that, yes there were none there, not at all surprising really as a pair! yes a pair were providing mutual support to each other in chasing all and sundry away, even I got a close pass to check me out. The tactics were simple wait in top of tree while other eats then kind of swap over. An amusing sight to see.
Ronny Krey!!! his partner was up the tree.

Rudy Shelduck
Which at times had a number of variations on that name as it evaded the lens for a numbers of days visit to the reserve.

A couple from the last visit,,

I suppose the broken tip could have been removed, but there again. I think my favouritist snap.

As I said Addendum, and short and sweet..

Til the next time


Friday 4 February 2011

I do like to be beside the Seaside!

A trip to the beach is always a pleasant interlude from the pressures of life, and with the promise of a reasonable day, Dawn, Lol (DM's Dad) & I duly rolled up to a dropping tide and a biting cold wind.
But the wind dropped and the sun shone giving the water that flat calm you like to see, on a mill pool.
As the tide was dropping it had left frozen salt on the sand and one or two very large jelly fish about a meter across, blooming enormous and frozen solid. As the tidal sand pools began to form it was down to the foreshore for a bit of wader excitement.

Dunlin were the most numerous waders on the freshly exposed areas.

Being very flighty at times.

Providing nice opportunities.

And some real close passes.

Sanderling were proving a little remote.

Hundred's of Oyster Catchers were moving along the coast.

A close pass from a Dunlin.

And a nice appearance of a Grey Plover kept things interesting.

Redshank were also moving around nicely.

Size comparison ?

This Godwit dropped in for a feed for a while.
Rather than go on and on, I'll drop some more onto the next installment. What a fantastic day at the Seaside and over 3 or 400 Common Scoter on the flat water albeit far out to sea. Needless to say the Snow Buntings got another visit and it was as ever brill. More next week.