Saturday 26 November 2011

Yet Another nice county goody

Well what a nice Autumn this has turned out to be, nice weather and some very nice birds as well..The Red-necked Diver at Chelmarsh was so tempting to say the least so, went I did and show nicely it did!

Red-tthroated Diver Chelmarsh

Going fishing
Gone fishing.

One or two more to come, Well I thought so, but why bore you with endless Diver shots?? so thats your lot.


Wednesday 2 November 2011

Darn Foriegners! and Fish

It was Sunday afternoon and I was looking forward to yet another reconnaissance around a local wood, once work was done for the day. So at last, freedom and off. an hour into the search the phone rings, the Great grey Shrike had morphed into a Mega for the county and photos were in order to confirm or otherwise the ID. Some how I still managed to arrive after Jim who had sped from nottingham!!

Sunday evening the light had gone by the time I arrived so It was to be Monday! which then turned into hope it stays til tuesday ,,, yay! and a few of what was got at extreme range are as follows.
It only just missed the prey item which suddenly just dropped out of the way.

Nice big wing patch and bar.

Upper and lower wing now visible and lores..

I did mention fish,, although there is no such thing if you believe the latest scientific news!! Annihooo! it was just by chance that I was told by Dawn, that the Salmon run was on at the wier in Shrewsbury, A thing I had wanted to see and photograph for years, but somehow missed but this time, with supreme guidence I arrived and they were there and leaping..
Trying to guess where they were going to appear proved a real tease. needless to say more deleted than kept..

Effort and motion wow!
And boy did they wriggle once airborne..

I suppose I will get round to a full edit at some stage but tomorrow it is once again Shrike day and carpark duty..

See you soon..