Thursday 15 September 2011

A hunting she will go ! "Her be blimmin good her be"

It was high time I got out and about and the promise of a lovely Grey Phalarope at a local ish! scrape got me of off my fat bits. But I was not expecting what was to present it self for a photo shoot. As you will see..

You think  I don't know your there?

No cavities here me dear!

Ayup! was on over there?

At least my paws are cool, yuk mud!

Right into stealth mode..

 The following shots were censored to protect the Rabbits anonymity! I could not see the action.

But breakfast was got pretty rapid.

Just a nice pose..

"AH! your still there then?

Mmmm! really fancy one of them quaky chicken things.

Darn mud!

OH well here we go.


At least the kids kept out of sight.

She dropped the kill off in the reeds and was again across the water for another go, did not see her again.

OH! nearly forgot! the Grey Phalarope, nice bird and my second in the county so I am chuffed.

Drippy beak got a cold?

 And finally a Ruff at Venus Pools,, or more like Venus Puddle!! it is so low. desperately need some rain over the next few months.. Sorry about the light it was to say the least up and down like the undergarments of a ! well you know...

See you soon