Friday 19 September 2008

The smell of Autumn Colours

The fascination of kicking freshly gathered autumn leaves into the air, when the park keeper was not looking, was a brilliant pastime as youngsters, the colours seeming to sparkle as they tumbled in the air before forming amazing patterns on the dew covered grass, bloody hell that old groundsman could run fast for an oldun!

We knew it was safe to return when we could smell the smoke from the fire lit for the mid morning brew, the crackle and smell are so familiar it still draws me through the woods to forestry controlled burn, but no more the chance of a cup of tea from the embers, in that old burnt and stained kettle, with the old groundsman.

He is no more, but the the memories evoked by the falling leaves and wood smoke are as strong now as they ever were.
And of course the first finding of Fungi in the damp early mornings was a thrill ,as grandfather would be coming home with a basket full of all sorts of strange looking delights, along with Chestnuts and Hazelnuts, which were soon in the pan with a couple of squabs (pigeons) and added to the menu along with the freshly made blackberry pie, which had been picked that very morning, and of course fresh cream. A swig of Granfers beer when he was not looking, topped it of before flaking in front of the open log fire to burn your legs for the afternoon, as Gran screamed at the television for Jackie Pallow, the wrestler to "rip it of", what ever "it" was? try offering all that to kids now!

A real overnight success.
Stinkhorn eggs!
Pubescent Stinkhorn
Early morning emergence.
I was wondering, if children really comprehend what they are missing out on? or if they really care,,,, Yeah whateva.
ps. try Richard Mabey's Food for free its brilliant.

Sunday 14 September 2008

Mist clearing by 11:00!!! or 12,13,14,15 ish o'clock

You would be forgiven for thinking, that with millions of pounds worth of Satellites, Computers of infinite complexity and the cumulative wisdom of countless years of Weather forecasting! they would be able to get at least one or two days right? wouldn't you?

A little unkind perhaps! as every day they said it would rain it did,, buggers! So I suppose that, being the given, and it being of a higher percentage than Sunny days they must be fairly accurate overall ?

This mornings mist was not welcome at all ,as every where I went it was a real job tracking down the birds, Haughmond Woods were about the most successful with not one but two Tawny Owls seen huddled up against the trunks of a couple of pines, in woods pictures? fraid not.

So giving up I was at Venus Pools to watch nothing for a While before going to Berrington pools to see a few of the late Dragons., so here you go just a couple for the moment as they were the only ones catchable!!!

Migrant Hawker

Again just closer

And again
Not to often do I get to place my choice on a shot but this one got me as it was coming out of a bit of mist as if the wing tips were stirring the murk, looks much better when seen at the 100% size, believe me!!!
More later perhaps

Thursday 4 September 2008

Autumn Already ??

The transition from Summer to Autumn used to be a slow process and even an enjoyable one, so what happened to this years period of tranquil change? or is it just another anomaly people will say is due to Climatic change?

With the dreaded Summer holidays finally over, thank goodness, it was out and about at the first opportunity, A visit to the Cranes, still here after all this time, proved a wet experience as they fed in the recently ploughed fields to the South of their original position. As can be seen in the rain.

The next chance to get out, I took in the common land at Prees Heath, and what a fine place it is, you can see the results here before getting another soaking.

Common Crane

Eurasion Jay

Treble Bar

Small Copper

Silver Studded Blue
Common Blue
So with the big glass due from the repairers Soon I hope to be getting out a bit more before the end of Autumn,,, next week perhaps?