Sunday 28 August 2011

VP plus some catch ups..

Hearing of a Spotted Redshank at VP, and not remembering the last one to drop in It was a no brainer.. and shortly after arriving joined the other observers in the north hide. The conditions are very much favouring the drop in waders at the moment, and I was not let down, with Green sandpiper, Greenshanks, Common Sandpiper, Ruff, Dunlin and a very nice juvenile Spotted Redshank. Whoohooo!..

Juvenile Spotted Redshank

A few Pine nuts to go.

Male Siskin

Coal Tits were performing nicely

There were not a  lot of the finch family missing.

And a couple of Kites I missed from the previous blog..

So another two year ticks in the box in one end of season chase around..
more on the next excursion I hope..


Wednesday 24 August 2011

A few bits and pieces!!

It feels like an absolute age since I sat here and got to put some images on the screen, Darn this work thing!!!
OK! So its a what and where thing really. On the occasion's i have got out it has been fairly limited so I decided to have a go at doing a bit of Moth stalking!!! switch on lamp and plonk in chair some stalking really..
So what sort of thing came around..

Green Carpet Colostygia pectinataria

Ethmia dodecea

Orange Swift

A number of other images will follow in the next blog as soon as I can,, promise!!

The home made light trap. After an idea by Kate McKrae Talkwildlife.

A simple enough plastic kitchen ware stuff and a clip on light.. I suppose I will get around to identifying them later? Unless you know the ID ?

A couple of days over at Nant ye Arian watching the Kites being fed produced a few more shots for the month.. as follows.

The view from the trail out the back of Nant Arian
and the unusual White Kite..

One of the few Kites with no wing tags, in a near finished moult.

And on the walk out the back this lovely Yellow Stags horn was found.

There are several other shots to be done but another time perhaps..