Sunday 10 November 2013

October The Red Deer Rut? Nope!!!

With October being the traditional month of the Rut, it is no surprise to see many Photographers heading to their favourite locations for the fun and games, as our largest terrestrial mammal goes head to head with his rivals in the Game of  Harem's. A protracted move and counter move not only to gain Hinds but to keep them until he has ensured the gene line is continued.With testosterone rising the fight between males can be spectacular and if you consider there is very little if anything is eaten during this event it takes it's toll.

 Many of the hinds were suckling Fawns from the previous year, and if he is lucky she will already be pregnant with this years coupling.

 The Roaring is one of the ways in which he advertises his strength to the hinds and other Stags

 Which of course can get some attention he might not last through, as all adult males are testing their metal in order to gain a good group of females. So if parallel walking does not scare off the rival it will result in a full on battle as they struggle for supremacy and the control of their rivals harem.

With the abundance off food and acorns, and the lack of frosts the Rut has been very sporadic to none starting through out a fair portion of UK. So no combat shots this year for me I,m afraid

There is always next year!!