Thursday 27 August 2015


The more I stand and watch, the more! I stood and watched! and they just keep on working tirelessly, gathering Nectar required for the hive. Every Lavender flower was visited in turn and sometimes twice, mind you they did not stop on those that had the scent of the previous Bee's stinky feet on them, Every bright morning it was the same in they came ready for the plants over night refill, and once full of they went to unload and pass on the info to the rest. Buff Tails, Red Tails, Honey and Garden Bumble Bees, and one or two others I never got to identify. I was ignored and those that came to check out my colours, even the one which flew up the leg of my shorts , were not in the slightest aggressive.

And, what of the Leaf cutter's? well last year there were only four occupied tubes this year with three separate Bee's there are twelve tubes filled. So hopefully next spring I should see another set of tubes being erected for rent..



Sunday 3 May 2015

A cracking first for the county for a long time.

Not since circa 2006 has a Black-necked Grebe been seen at the Venus Pool reserve near Shrewsbury
until Saturday the 2nd of May, when a pair of these Grebes appeared in full breeding plumage.
A fantastic sight to see these birds, even though they kept their distance from the gathered observers.

So here is the best I could get at great distance,

Black-necked Grebe.

 An early return in the morning proved fruitless with no sightings at all reported during the day,
so they must have continued their northern migration.
C'est la Vie

Friday 1 May 2015

An info blog re redirection..

Some information for the readers of my Blog, assuming there is more than just me LOL! So as of today 01 May 2015,  it will move to my new Website

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Thursday 23 April 2015

WOW!! Easterlies and sunshine.

After what seems like an utter age of Westerly winds and rain, the migration seemed to have stalled here in Shropshire as we watched the reports from the east coast. Goodness me what a change, the winds swung to the east and the sun appeared for a good number of day and is, as I type this still nice warm and sunny out in the wild.
So and what did this change in the weather bring to us , well here you go...

Sadly not in Shropshire.
Yes I know not migrants but hey shoot me...

A some what emotive subject, scientific research versus emotional query???
as you can see here we have a Dipper with both Silver add Gold awards for it's endeavours in existing in the British isles. Awards??? more like leg irons perhaps! so got a view or comment lets have it in the comments or mail lets see where it goes..

So a bit shorter than normal? no pontifimacations either..


Thursday 9 April 2015

John Denver said it all??

Some information for the readers of this Blog, assuming there is more than just me LOL! at the end of April it will move to my new Website until the live switch over all blogs are being published there also just click the RSS feed so you don't miss the exciting continuation.

Some After what seemed like an eternity, there is at last some warmth and sunshine to warm your back as you sit and wait or stroll around the local reserve. A little oops nearly fell asleep on the bench moment did occur !!

And to top a lovely day, or bottom it perhaps? was the finding 10 yes that's right 10 Hares sitting feeding in a field in the sun,,, three blooming fields away and no stealthy approach, Damn it.

Any way a bit of what has been got since the last blog for you delectation.

Grey Hare (Lupus Timidous)

Med Gull
Get off.
Little -ringed Plover
Common Snipe
Broke back something!!!

Winter Wren
And at last I got the weed dance. YAY!

Harsh light KF.

So there you go a selection of the last two weeks, nothing out of the ordinary but all worth the effort, it is another up at 5:00am for another go at the Hares, the sun will be directly in my eyes for the first hour or so, but you got to do it aint ya!

So till then , Tara a bit jockey