Thursday 27 August 2015


The more I stand and watch, the more! I stood and watched! and they just keep on working tirelessly, gathering Nectar required for the hive. Every Lavender flower was visited in turn and sometimes twice, mind you they did not stop on those that had the scent of the previous Bee's stinky feet on them, Every bright morning it was the same in they came ready for the plants over night refill, and once full of they went to unload and pass on the info to the rest. Buff Tails, Red Tails, Honey and Garden Bumble Bees, and one or two others I never got to identify. I was ignored and those that came to check out my colours, even the one which flew up the leg of my shorts , were not in the slightest aggressive.

And, what of the Leaf cutter's? well last year there were only four occupied tubes this year with three separate Bee's there are twelve tubes filled. So hopefully next spring I should see another set of tubes being erected for rent..