Tuesday 19 July 2011

Wet? yes, Windy? yes, We Went? of course..

With the weather set to be a little wet! and windy we decided to head for the North Wales coast, mad? probably but with Shropshire producing little of note why not?
So a late night start on the Friday saw us at Abergele for first light and not a lot to report there apart from a rising tide and a couple of fishermen. Llanfairfechan produced the first tern of the weekend in the shape of one Sandwich Tern battling the high winds as were we.
So on to our chosen destination the wonderful Cymlyn bay arriving at high tide, and boy was it windy. But by midday it had abated enough to allow for some wandering along the shingle and the headland searching for what was becoming an alarming lack of Passerines.
But the Terns. Well.

They were all over the place.

The noise was incredible.

But the Tern colony was really performing well with juveniles spread all along the shingle begging and getting fed after adults had correctly found the right one!

Responding to any begging youngster.
From all directions.

It was so nice in the afternoon even the Seals took time to enjoy it.

The only small bird to be found braving the storm hugging the edge of the headland.

The good weather did not last as the rain threw it down all night and continued into the Sunday.
But the Black Guillemots were not phased in one bit down in Holyhead harbour.

Scavenging from under the fishing bouts.
And taking full advantage of the free food!

 And onward to south Stack and oh boy was it raining  and raining practically horizontal.

Not an exciting or large list for the weekend but we got the main ones needed for the year list. But the rain did mean bacon butties for lunch again !! whohoo! nearly a brown sauce sarnie though LOL!!