Tuesday 12 August 2014

The Fasination of Bees

The pollination of plants across the planet is surely one of the most fascinating biological events to happen. From evolution of flowers to proliferate their species to the social order of the insects that perform this ritual on a daily basis, all over the Planet. But really ask some one to mention an insect or two amongst this great feat, I am sure the Bee will be the one at the top. A look in  your garden will show you the delights of the humble Bee.
We had always had some Lavender in a pot but this year decided to replant and add a few more plants to a border, it took a while for things to settle back down but as soon as the flowers opened there they were Bees all over the place in greater number than had been seen before
And you would not believe just what they are capable of.
Buff-tailed Humble Bee
Common Carder Bee
Common Carder Bee

This Solitary Bee just keeps filling the tubes on a near daily basis, and watching the antics is so funny.

Honey Bee

Red-tailed Bee

White-tailed Bee

Iris crystals of necter

The Honey Bee is able to navigate using small magnetic crystal structures within the brain , it can communicate the direction and distance to food sources by performing what is termed as the Waggle dance, and can return to the same flower with un-nerving accuracy time after time.

Why not read a little more about bees and their amazing feats and social structure.

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