Monday 16 March 2015

Of Druids and Nuclear power

There was a bit of trepidation as we set off for the Anglesey coast to see a reported Lapland Bunting, and it was not until close to 10:00 before it was reported as still being around, Phew! And what a little corker, on the West coast of the UK for a change.. So here goes,,

Lapland bunting

And Again.
 The next objective was the Red Squirrels in the Newborough forest, having tried on so many occasions before I was not hopeful. But it was to be a good day and they were in fine form and coat.
It's a long way up!

Beautiful Winter coat
      They were not tempted by extra nuts but hey you can't get everything your own way.

Jay stealing me nuts!

Male Stonechat
No not on Anglesey but at the local reserve Venus Pool Shropshire, a cracking little bird and so confiding as well, he was with three others scratting around in the stubble. so there you go another blog posted and as usual comments etc. are welcome back soon Peeps.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Fast & Furious !

The 15th of February 2015, at 12:39 was good , the chance sighting in the distance of a Hen harrier was a bonus bird to the days mooch about at Venus Pool. there had been a report of one being sighted on the 8th of February in the same area. Nearly a month later it is still providing, for many their first Harrier sighting.

Low and fast

Hanging for breakfast chance.

Breakfast !

Sparrow hawk

And off

Mountain Hare

Dove Stone is one of those places that really did not like me, 1:5 hours of walking up hill with photo kit on back and adding a touch of  "What am I doing up here?" winds gusting too quick and trying its best to stop a successful mission. Pah! well success was got as were some very nice pictures of the Hares, who were all white and surrounded by green and purple heather no wonder the confused looks!!

Next time then

Cheers Paul