Sunday 18 December 2011

Snow, Sleet, Rain, Hail, Gales. a brilliant day on the coast.

With impending bad weather forecast for the weekend, it was decided to get the birding bus out of mothballs and go for it. Shropshire nice and mild, Cheshire snow hard and thick and New Brighton producing all of it over two days on the beach.
A brief spell of sunshine
And a sneaky Purple Sandpiper
It was not rough much!

Struggling with the wind.

Oops! caught of balance.
A brief respite.
But not for long.

A sharp get away!
Nearly got caught by this big wave.

A quick run for it as the water went away.

Took these shanks ages to get through the viewfinder..
 Lying on the sand was by far the best way of getting close, apart from uncontrolled bloomin dogs and owners, they were getting very confiding. until, yep another darned controlled hound..

more next time.

Saturday 10 December 2011

A Little catcher upperer!

With work preventing me from getting down to the Clee to see this little stunner, I waited for my day off, a whole week, for the "must do" trip. it was bright but the wind brought the temperature well down to hats and gloves.On arrival it had not been seen, but thankfully up she popped and gave many some brilliant views.

On a very windy day
Feed me!
 It was very confiding as if expecting a few tidbits from those present with the odd call. It was time for some lunch at the local chippy and a run to the Priorslee Flash for the Tundra Bean Goose. Which, stayed firmly ensconced on the island, out of sight. However the next morning saw the geese out for a paddle round the lake.

Tundra Bean Goose.

Spot the difference.

So I was very pleased to get yet another new one for the county in the bag. The scores on the doors are going very good, in fact the best since 2006, only 4 more for the double ton.

So who knows could I crack it before Christmas?