Friday 21 December 2012

Birds of Sri Lanka

There are over thirty three endemics on the island of Sri Lanka, and to get to see all of them was a real special treat. Not all were photographed but a goodly few to say the least think I fluffed five shots .
So a few of the got's..

Alexandrine Parrot

                                                      Nice even if not one of the endemics

                                                      The following are a selection of Endemics.

Brown fish Owl

Brown wood Owl

Dull blue Flycatcher

Green billed Coucal

Malabar pied Hornbill

Orange breasted Pigeon
Coppersmith Barbet

  There will be more to follow over Xmas, Getting to see these birds was fantastic to say the least, but to get photographs a real bonus, the Green billed Coucal was about the most difficult to find, it is secretive and shy, unlike its close cousin the red faced Malkoha the Greater Coucal and the Sirkeer Malkoha.
Only one other led us a real dance around the jungle, known for the past ten years about and the size of a bamboo leaf it was extremely hard to find but success in the end, stinging trees, thorn palms and a few "Where you going vines" did their best to prevent us but we prevailed in the end.

So to those visiting have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant New Year, OH! and come back soon..


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Saturday 15 December 2012

Sri Lanka Leopard Island.

Visitors to Sri Lanka Will most certainly have wildlife on the agenda if not wholly then certainly a wish to see the most popular of the islands big cats, the Leopard in particular is a favourite and with over seventy pairs in the Yala National Park, it is no wonder it is as popular as it is. And so it was a no brainer that it should be included in the trip itinerary. The first encounter was with a large male at first light even before reaching the park, he disappeared into some rocks and we could hear him grunt calling for his or a mate. further sightings were to come.
This Lady was difficult to spot.

She sat for a good while, with a distended belly after what could have been a good feed. but soon she was up and away.

An intent stare , she had something on her mind!
Passing within ten feet WOW!
An amazing animal with such grace and poise, and those eyes seem to look right through you.

At its closest and not bothered at all.
Beautiful eh!
There was to be another encounter with a male in the Wilpattu National Park along with another of the cats the Jungle cat a real rare sighting indeed. So A little to follow in the next Blog.


Friday 14 December 2012

A few thousand miles south east ish!

 The feet were well itchy, and it was about time for another little trip for some new scenery and some awesome birding. So lets set the scene a little, with a few hints?

Del boy's gone all up market.

An improvement on the old three wheeler!
I think the first one gave it away a bit! the beach is twelve miles long around a fabulous bay and not a tanning person in sight in fact even the fishermen are only allowed here for two months of the year during the Lobster season.

A couple of the mammals encountered on the trip then..

Asian Elephant and baby.

Asian or Black naped Hare

Spotted deer or Chital Stag.

Tawny striped Squirrel.
There is not much that goes to waste here, even Elephant dung is used by a number of insects and birds.

His Mrs is on the other side laying her eggs as they roll

Caught at the tank side or retrieved from under a submerged log ?

A few of the animals seen during my jolly around the island, oh nearly forget there was one other seen.

To see these beautiful cats ten feet away is awesome.
A few more of the Leopard in the next instalment  Sri Lanka or if you are old enough Ceylon.
The place is amazing and the only place to drink tea is in the small homesteads were it is done proper!