Sunday 19 July 2009

Osprey returns to VP

Just added this from this mornings session as it did the early morning rounds of the two pools, it would have dropped into Venus pool but for the Black headed gulls mobbing it.
The Sedge warbler was again giving it its all from the side of the Disabled car park area and was very showy as usual.

A couple more 6 Spotted Burnett's doing what comes naturally, the males wait by cocoons and ambush the females as they emerge and pounce, some of the females do not even get to expand their wings and can remain disfigured by this action.

A Male waiting to pounce did not have the time to wait for the action!!

An of course they make a nice bit of colour

With the water up on all the rivers this Dipper was having a bit of trouble getting into the water so was using the eddies in its search for food.

A nice surprise for an early start to the Saturday morning was this Juvenile Cuckoo floating around the reserve, the opinion being it was raised on one of the islands by a pair of Sedge warblers. it posed in all sorts of places which I am sure, due t its popularity you will get to see.

Somehow the photos of the Osprey from Saturday AM are hiding at the moment so a reminder of what they look like !!!! the Saturday early AM too a large Roach and left going sort of North west ish. It returned today as well for another round of the two pools a good stayer perhaps for a few days.

There you go a small selection from the weekend to tickle your taste buds to get out and find the next Mega as the return migration has already started for a few species!!!



Saturday 11 July 2009

A few odds and sods

With the weather being so variable at the weekends, not that should stop you, I have been out and around my more local area just seeing what I could find. The main object being Butterflies and day flying moths, with not to much success I might add. So rather than spend ages typing some profound diatribe here are a few of what was found.

That is that for a while, whilst I concentrate on my search for a locally found dormouse and family!!! not sure if I will find it again but will spend some time on it so watch this space.