Sunday 17 February 2008

It was slippery and stiff this morning!

With the temperature guage showing -5 in the shade, and the sun warming through nicely I was spoilt for choice, being as the waters all round were stiff and slippery, a quick check of the Priorslee and then the Flash so here goes.

Take of
A lot of singing going on this morning despite the rather cool temperatures, A small group of Meadow pipit dropped in on a small pond searching along the peripheries for any insects or seeds caught in the ice, as it melted in the sunshine.
Yesterday, being equally as nice, I spent sometime at the Priorslee resevoir watching the Glaucous gull (not Iceland as previously stated !!) as it was begging food from any gull that seemed to have anything to eat. This was not appreciated and was often chased away, but remained at the water for some 2 hours, preening and loafing.
A few shots of it flaping about to display the white primaries of a spectaular Gull.
The only bug was that it was not going to be approached as soon as it saw me it moved to the other side of the flock.
The only access is for those that have received an induction into the rules of the site and Health and Safety directives from the site foreman, these numbers have had to be restricted. please do not turn up on spec, you will not be allowed on the site.
On the Flash at Derwent drive two Water rail could be heard calling in the small reed bed by the pull in, it was not long until one popped out for a run on the ice, the calling continued for some while as they moved around the peripheries of the reed.
Sorry it's a bit short but half term precludes any birding outings,,,,, Bugger.

Sunday 3 February 2008

I had the wind today!

When I finally dragged my lazy arse out of my bed this morning I knew I was going to have to contend with the wind and the low levels of light, but what the hec I needed the air having been stuck in front of this putor thing for what seems like weeks finalising an article on bio-diversity in monocropping!! hey! go figure there are over 270 viable uses for Elephant grass where as Rape is really a one thing only (oil) crop that needs a good rotation where as Elephant grass being rhizomic just keeps growing even after flooding its well good.

SO what did I do, I drove up to Weston coyney to view the Long eared owls all three in the same pine tree, and they were being whipped around in the wind like a tissue in a wind tunnel.

So a couple of jason shots later I gave up.
So I spent a couple of hours around the visitor centre, nice hot coffee and toilets al in all an nice country park to mooch about. The Yammers were very keen on some of my seed from the bean bag as were the Bullfinch's.

OH! sorry if you are trying to double click for high res images but I have moved the imeages and it won't work, apps.

There it is my windy sunday but a defo RTN place when the Shropshire area is a bit quite!


Friday 1 February 2008


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