Sunday 23 January 2011

Things come in threes, except london busses!

In as many days I had dipped on three good county birds, Black-bellied Brant, White-fronted Goose and a Ruddy Shelduck, not what I said though. So when the report of a Juvenile Glaucous Gull  was received I had just arrived at VP for a look at the ice!! sadly it had moved on by the time I got there.
A hang over from the last visit to the North Wales coast Meadow Pipit

Stealing the SnowBunting seeds..

Juvenile Glaucous Gull at Trench pool.

Bit of a wash and brush up

A quick flap around the pool.

Some more washing

And a lot more flying around

Touch down

Nice to get it at reasonably close range with the sky brightening up slightly during two visits on Sunday morning I only saw the one bird, but who knows if we have two juveniles floating around??


Thursday 20 January 2011

A problem with wind? but not in North Wales!!

Waking on the the Sunday morning, at a very crazy early time, was not the plan. But the wind I was suffering kept me awake for most of the night. Somehow the door / flap to the improvised greenhouse had come adrift, and was flapping about like some form of demented giant Sandhill Crane displaying to all and sundry. 
So a decision was made to chase the clouds and get to North Wales for a possible on shore gale!! arriving intact and busting to get at it a search was undertaken, and if there was a Gale she would have been from Merseyside on a walk!!! However the Snowbuntings were there, and as they usually do, performed like seasoned artists, PS. Dont bother with the ASDA cafe if you want more than a butty thing..
So a couple from the hundreds, talk about a lead finger!!!
Posing nicely for me, and others

The most action all morning.

Seed junkie

They really are the most captivating little things.

Practicing for the next flying display perhaps?

The rest of the gang, well nearly.
It turned out to be a brilliant day with no rain, sea miles away not a lot of wind and a reported band of Twite and a couple of Shore Larks. Sadly niether were got. but I will! be back, with fresh batteries!!!.

Cheers Paul

Saturday 8 January 2011

Wax on, Wax off, Wax on !!Flighty little buggers.

There are few days in the year when it is cold frosty and darn right not the sort of day to be standing around staring into someones front garden. when the staring instrument is a very large lens and camera!
but with the vast majority of Waxwing flocks seemingly having diminished over the preceding week it was well worth the cold.
What you looking at?

Over reaching for the best of the berries.

Always one would make the drop from the perching / digesting tree before the others would follow.

They sure remained wary at all times and would panic at nothing.

Don't you just hate a showoff!

Did not risk another double chuck.

Even leaving with the spoils in a fright.

Hope my deodorant is OK?

A gliding approach to the digestion twigs.

Air brakes after the glide in.

the sun did shine nicely later in the morning and it got nice and warm, and at times presented some harsh light from a low angle. But the colours warmed to some right cool shades as it started to drop behind the roof tops.
And now with a reported 48 at the same sight, shame the old currant Bun ain't likely to be out on the Sunday, but ever the whatever ist!