Sunday 18 March 2012

Big ones smaller ones and Little ones

Wow what is going on Priorslee produces yet another double on the Gull front with 2 Adult Little Gulls and an adult Kittiwake coupled with the Firecrest and the years first Dipper it was a well good day out.
You can see the fishing line trailing from the bill.

Settle for a second

Checking the temperature

<>Paddle along. 
Kick off

Walking on water.

A selection of what was shot before they promptly departed toward the tip or another site for roosting.


Monday 12 March 2012

Some other things to view.

With a failure of the Hares to re-appear in the main it was a return to Venus Pools for a look see and here is what was found.

Curlew were having a wash and brush up.

Posing like professionals.

Not always.

Cleaning every feather.

Over and under.

With an occasional flap around to dry off.
To the annoyance of the Lapwings.

The Oystercatchers remained aloof.

Shelduck were at their normal beligerence for this time of year.

Not giving up.

Even underwater.

A Common Buzzard Flyby.

Total disdain for the goings on.

A Lapwing squadron on approach.

The general outlook was quite and the water levels seem to be dropping even further, but praying for more rain might be a non-starter. Oh well! Sping is on its way the White of Blackthorn is moving north and the Green! is chasing hard as new buds appearing all over the place. Sand Martins soon to be seen passing through.


Saturday 10 March 2012

Hare today gone tomorrow? not this time!

Having a total respect for the Brown Hare, it was the aim to spend as much time as possible in the early part of the year photographing them. Which I did, and this served to deepen my amazement at how evolved for living out in the open all year round, no nest, warren, just a scrape in the earth no matter what the weather.
So these are the results to date with more to come.

So the saga unfolds right in front of me, it was difficult keeping track of who what and where it was moving so fast.

A visitor I had not expected to see this morning.

The female Hare was immediately alert.

And rightly so, this Leveret was the Ravens target!

Second grab.

But the Leveret fights back.

And gets away!
Turns and faces the Raven down.
Mum was up and on a rescue mission
At full speed.
The Raven knows what is coming.
Even the youngster joins the fight back.
That done, it was back to the youngster.
A cautious approach.

And a little nose to nose sympathy!

Action over clean up time.

But look what has returned!
Not for long though.

 The tenacity and guts of the Leveret are not evident on here, even getting a couple of slaps to the Ravens head in the struggle. Over the next couple of hours the mother was jumpy even at the sound of the Raven calling and the passing of Crows got a response of moving back to the area where the youngster was hiding, A second one appeared briefly before hunkering down in the longer grass, disappearing immediately.

The remainder of the day palled into insignificance with just a couple sightings.