Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Black and white of it!

With the rain finally gone, for a while at least. it was nice to get out and about chasing down those species as yet remaining unconnected with. And the odd drop in about the place. And the ever quest for Ibis and Stork!!

Black tern visiting Priorslee.

Keeping the whites clean was difficult.

Pied Flycatcher is always tricky.

But just sometimes.

Mudpeckers (House Martins) are not black and white.

As shown in this shot.

Female Black cap

And sing and sing.

And Sing.
The sunshine really brought its own problems keeping things from being over exposed and all the above less the Black cap were mainly Black and white!!!

With thunderstorms on the horizon I wonder what else will be passing through as they pass through?


Tuesday 15 May 2012

Happy Days in Mordor!

 Before that, a couple of shots from a mad dash from work to catch the Common Scoters that had pitched up on the local lake in Telford. Very nice to add another new one the county list.

The feeding male.
The female in A flap.
 Then just a few days later another day free from work it was yet another visit to Mordor (Whixal Moss) for another attempt at getting Cuckoo nailed and one or two other species that had eluded me so far, and the weather colluding against me.

Eurasian Curlew.


After a long old wander around the moss I eventually found my other target for the day.

Performing well at speed .
Rest for a while
And of  again.

And Again.
Suddenly to be outdone as a pair of Crane lifted in to the wind.
Which was gusting very strong.

Then it was back to the Hobbies.


The days results were OK not outstanding due to the wind keeping them on the stumps for ages at a time. The Cuckoo eluded me entirely but I got two days off soon so hoping for a clear dry day.

See you soon