Thursday 24 September 2009

Kite Flying!

I know a bit tongue in cheek! but what the hell, So with the local population of birds having gone on thier holidays it was about time for that out of county experience!!
To set things straight, these birds were not photographed at the Gigrin farm complex, these birds are to be found at a wonderful site belonging to the Forestry commisionjust 10 miles to the East of Aberystwyth.
Whilst the name remains un-pronouncable it is Bwylch ar Nant Arian, well something like that. The setting is really fantastic and consists, if you have not been there before, A cafe, toilets, the ubiquitous RSPB hut and a beautiful lake where the birds are fed at three everyday, in winter it is two o'clock. They are close and fast.

A lot of the Birds do carry tags and Tony Cross, of the Welsh Red kite trust will always welcome recordings of wingtags from photographs. Whilst there birds were identified as being from Rutland, The Black Isle, The Chilterns and Oxford a way to identify what the tags mean is on the trusts website.

Anyway I shall let the pictures do the talking, you might note that finding birds with out a tag is difficult.

This place on a nice day is perfect, hopefully not to harsh on the lighting side which will blow the highlights as is evident above on one or two! The total shoot for the visit was in the order of over 600 pictures a load of more to do..Full size on screen the difference is amazing.

Cheers Paul

Sunday 6 September 2009

A Purple patch indeed!

I think it has all been said a phone call Saturday had me cursing as I was other wise engaged, so it was early at the place on the Sunday, great it was flushed earlier so it was hurry up and wait and wait and wait, then! well you can see below.

No need for words,,, I was well made up for a UK and county tick.
Well found Alan.