Friday 17 February 2012

Brrrrr! Iceland comes to Telford.

Since the begining of November the unseasonally warm weather had certainly stopped the westwards movements of a lot of species, thank goodness for February, some decent snow and excellent low temperatures and the visitors drop in 1, 2 and a Glaucous will do. Mind you some wildfowl were'nt that impressed.

Iceland Gull

Pale in Contrast

The Second Iceland Gull

Slightly closer.
Juvenile Glaucous Gull
An odd open patch.
Waiting for the big melt.

Dancing on ice "no score"!

Better poise.
Brrr! iced water.

Warmer out rather than in!

Just sit and wait.

And complain.
Freshly engaged perhaps?

With the big melt underway or complete, the white wing gulls look to have been usurped by Caspian and Yellow-legged Gulls. Roving Tit parties seem to be diminishing as temperatures continue to rise into the positivly balmy.
We shall see what happens next.